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IGNOUHelp News Portal strictly adheres to the Google News Publisher Guidelines to provide the unique, fresh, and original content without compromising the quality.

Sponsored Content:

Our news portal is not allowing to post the sponsored content without disclosing to the users about it. We have to produce the news for numerous institutes and centres that are related to education that does not mean that we are promoting a particular institute or educational centre to our visitors.

External Links:

In many cases, we have to include the official website address for particular news articles that is must needed for our news coverage to save our users from misleading and wrong information.


The images are the main part of the website to showcase the topic of the news article at the first impression. We may use the official logo of a particular university or institute at our featured image so that our users can easily know about the exact institute we write for. The images and logos are subjected to the copyright of concerned institutes, colleges, and universities. We use these images (institute’s logo, institute’s image) under fair use of copyright images that is not interfering with the rights of owners.