Mumbai: The Coronavirus situation has led to an immense delay in everything and the academic year too, has been delayed by a substantial amount. While the sessions for schools have started via online classes, it still is not equal to taking classes in person with both students as well as the teachers being present in the same room.

While everyone has been making enough efforts to ensure that the classes online are seamless and the maximum amount of comfort is provided, it looks like there have been more adjustments that are being made in order to ensure that the exams for those students who are supposed to write their board papers in October in the state of Maharashtra will not be doing so.

As has been told by Maharashtra School Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad, the students who write their exams for classes 10 and 12 in case they fail the exams written earlier, will not be held in October this year. She went on to inform the reporters that those exams have been postponed due to the pandemic situation in the country.

When quizzed about the possible month during which these exams will now be carried out, she went on to reveal that they will now take place in November or December depending on the situation in the country during that time.

Meanwhile, the exams for final year students in the state are likely to be held in October and it has also been said that the state will ensure that no student has to step out for these exams.


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