Image Courtesy: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Delhi: The Indian education system is about to undergo a major change with the implementation of the National Education Policy. As that continues to be the talk around, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about the same on Friday and laid out a couple of updates regarding the policy and changes that will be implemented. He said that the students will now have a new curriculum that is in line with the NEP and this has to be done by 2022 as India will be celebrating 75 years of Independence.

One of the major breakthrough updates that seems to be talked about is one regarding the marksheets. Given how the marksheets have now become more like a pressure sheet for those writing the exams and a prestige sheet for the families of those students, he said that the policy will attempt to remove that by reducing the syllabus and incorporating a fun-based experience.

The updates came at the School Education Conclave that was being addressed by the Prime Minister and is organised by the Ministry of Education. All these procedures are being implemented with the idea of making the curriculum futuristic as well as scientific while also enabling students to think critically, creatively, and also develop communication and curiosity.

He also went on to reveal that the Ministry of Education has got over 15 lakh suggestions from teachers regarding the process and to implement NEP in just a week via their portal, MyGov. One of the topics he also highlighted was that to teach students in their mother tongue up to class 5 citing how language is just a mode of studying and not the study itself.


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