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Privacy Policy

About us

Our website address is: https://news.ignouhelp.in. You can also visit our about section to know about our team.

Personal Data

When visitors leave comments on the site we collect the data shown in the comments form, and also the visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string to help spam detection.

Your comment will be processed with the anti-spam comment plugins to prevent spam comments on our news portal.


Currently, we don’t allow any visitors to upload the images on our site but their profile image or you can say gravatar will be show in the comment section if you leave any comment on any news article.


Our site using ninimal cookies to whenever you leave the comment at our blog and it will be saved to your browser when you like to opt-in to save your name, email and website address as a cookies to your browser. This cookie will help you to prevent from writing the same thing again while leaving the another comment on our blog.

Embedded Contents

Our news article may contain embedded content like Tweets, Facebook posts, Youtube, or any other which must be needed while posting any news article for our visitors.


We use Google Analytics pn our site to track the behavious of our visitors on our blog to improve or optimize our blog.

Security of Personal Data

The personal data of every user are secured at our server with the best security and firewalls to prevent your data to be leaked on the internet.

Rights of Users

Our user has right to get the details of their personal information at any time they want and they also has right to delete their account from our news portal at any time they want to do.


If you have any question or doubt regarding our privacy policy then do let us know by filling the form at Contact page.