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New Delhi: For the longest time now, the final year exams have been a concern for the students after all. However, as it turns out, universities do have exams for the final year students since the Supreme Court denied canceling exams as per the guidelines laid out by the University Grants Commission. And now, the latest update is regarding the exams at IGNOU, concerning the exams.

India Gandhi National Open University underwent a delay in the dates for the final year exams given the ongoing pandemic. An update regarding the Term End Examinations for 2020 came out earlier in July dated 22 and 30. Both the notices were concerning the final year/semester exams and now, an update regarding the same has already been given in the form of an official notice from the varsity.

It was being said that the exams will be delayed to the second week since the admit card has been delayed and while it is likely to be out soon, the exams will still be postponed. However, as it turns out, the date as per the university notice is September 17, 2020.

Meanwhile, the additional details are going to be revealed in time, followed by the date sheet as well. The said notice was released by the Student Evaluation Division of the university dated August 31, 2020.

The said exams were supposed to be taken earlier in June 2020, however, the lockdown leads to a delay. These exams are only meant for the final year students and if in case, students have a difficult time attending these exams, they will be given a second chance during the exams that are supposed to take place in December 2020. The December exams, on the other hand, are meant for the first as well as second-year students and have been delayed for the same reasons as other exams.

Currently, universities have been finding out ways to carry on the exams as UGC has directed exams as mandatory. However, SC did rule out that the states and UTs can urge for postponing the exam dates post representation before the UGC.


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